QC Expectations for Bent Steel Keyboards

  • There will not be any bending marks, sharp edges, or scratches on parts*
  • Textured and Gloss powdercoated finishes vary from part to part.
  • Characteristics such as "orange peel" and "picture framing" may be present.
  • All surfaces of the case will be coated so that no raw steel is exposed, with the exception of the clinch nuts which have zinc coated threads.
  • Sheetmetal has a spring-like nature to it. Each bend has a tolerance of +/- 1 degree.
  • Gaps between the top and bottom halves and where screw holes align for assembly will vary.
  • These over/under bends can be overcome by gently bending the individual parts during assembly.
  • Keyboards are shipped partially assembled - small fastener marks underneath screw heads where they meet the case are permitted.
*Except raw steel cases - oxidation, scratches, blemishes and sharp edges are not considered QC issues