Saturn-60 Group Buy Status

1/31: QC Update - Possible delay due to Top Case Powdercoat  

A couple of days ago we received the full shipment of Saturn cases and plates from our manufacturer.

The good news:

-The case parts are fitting better than ever. [Picture]
-The powdercoat colors themselves look great. [Pictures]
-The switchplate finishes are better than the protos. [Pictures]
-All parts except PCBs have been received - new Rev (1.3) is being tested now. [Pictures]

The bad news is that the Top Case halves were all finished incorrectly. They were hung up to be powdercoated using the corners of the cutout for the switches - a very visible area to have bare steel. [Picture]

Our QC standard was shared with the manufacturing company and they confirmed it was not followed, and will take responsibility for fixing the parts to ensure the product is correct.
Due to this unforeseen circumstance, we can no longer ensure that the Saturn-60 orders will be fulfilled within Q1, however, the timeline should only be later by a few weeks. Please be rest assured that as soon as all parts arrive, are inspected, and approved, orders will ship out as soon as possible. We will continue to remain completely transparent with you and ensure that the product you've been waiting for meets not only our standards, but yours too.

We are profoundly grateful for your patience. Please know this delay is due to the high standards we've asked our supply chain to follow.
The Saturn-60 is our very first product and we want to make sure that we put our best foot forward. Your experience is the most important thing to us, and we are diligently working to make sure your expectations are met.

12/23: Production still ongoing, still on track for Q1 fulfillment.

The bottom halves have all been bent, and are off to be powdercoated (except a few raw steel ones).

Badges are being produced and should be arriving soon; picture below is just a sample, but final badges will have data in all fields.

Titan60 PCB will need another revision --> 1.3.  There was an issue with the way the thru-hole LEDs were grounded.

11/25 Production underway.  Still on track for Q1 2021 fulfillment

Production initiated as of 11/11.  Here are some pictures of the last round of samples:  
Album Links:[] []
The Sheetmetal manu is more than halfway done with the blanks - which are laser cut []
The remaining parts to laser are the stainless and aluminum switchplates.
MechMerlin did the QMK and VIA port on stream [] some weeks ago, and unfortunately bugs were discovered both with the PCB and with VIA.  The PCB has been revised, and new protos (Rev1.2) are being manufactured currently. From what I understand, the issue with VIA is that the drop downs don't support more than 3 "groups" for Row 4.  So right now the arrow cluster layout is not selectable.   QMK does not have this problem.

10/25. After 10 days we have sold well over 400 units and will close the GB. 

We most likely will still manufacture close to 500 and sell as in-stock extras when the GB fulfills in Q1.
The vendors will tally up and I'll start placing orders for parts within the supply chain.  More updates later this coming week when production samples arrive of cases.

10/19/2020: 300/300 sold in the store.  THANK YOU everyone who joined!   

A waitlist may be established for those that were not able to get one and would like to be notified if extras are available. Discussing with Dailyclack and Candykeys about whether or not to keep the GB open for them for a month or to close orders in a week and fully start on production.