Titan-60 Ordering Instructions [Shipping ONLY]


Step 1: Click the link https://acekeyboard.co/products/titan-60-shipping-only and then click Add To Cart.

Step 2: Navigate to the cart page, by opening the link in a new tab. 

If the cart only opens in a bar to the right side of the page, you will not see the place to enter notes:

Step 3: Enter your original Saturn-60 kit order number(s) NO hashtag (#) symbols and original email address in the special instructions for seller box. 

If you have anything else to say, you can feel free to write it in here too.

Step 4: [Optional] use the code titan60 to get "free shipping" to keep the cost of the transaction at $10. 

If you select a shipping option costing over $9, the code will not work.